Designed specifically for small businesses, our scan-by-the-box services are a fast, simple way to turn your physical documents into intelligent digital files that you can search and securely share from virtually any device.

Our expert team will scan and index your documents, making them easily accessible whenever you need them. Whether you have business documents, large format files, colored images, or black & white documents, we’ve got you covered. By digitizing your paper documents, you’ll be able to find what you need in seconds and say goodbye to cluttered boxes and endless piles of paper.

Scan & Return

Scan & Return

Regular price RM 299.00
  • A cost-effective way to scan your small number of documents
  • Suitable for those who only have a few boxes of files / documents to be scanned
  • *All documents will be returned to you in 2 working days after scanning
  • With any A4-size box (406 (L) x 318 (W) x 330 (H) mm), you will get:
    1) Document scanning to PDF file at 300 dpi (A4 documents only)
    2) 1 x Indexed field (PDF name)
    3) Up to 1,800 pages/images
    4) Secure link to download your data
  • Processing time
    1) 5 working days for 1 - 5 boxes 
    2) 8 working days for 6 - 10 boxes
  • **We will notify you via email to return your documents after scanning 
  • ** All documents will be returned to you by our crew. No self-pickup is allowed

How does it work?

  • Select the number of box you have (Maximum 10 boxes)
  • Order online
  • Select the date & time you want us to pick-up your box(es)
  • Check-out 
  • We will contact you via phone call to confirm your required indexed field (*please provide valid phone number during check-out

If you have more than 20 boxes of documents for scanning, please contact us for a FREE quote. 

Tel:  +603 5636 9166

  • Free shipping above 5 boxes
  • Quantity refers to the number of boxes

To Pick Up / Return boxes (within Klang Valley):

  • Less than 5 boxes: RM15 per box
  • More than 5 boxes: FREE

Digitised document drives small business success

With our flexible and customisable service, you can choose to scan and store documents as and when needed, ensuring that you only pay for what you require. This eliminates the need for large-scale scanning projects and allows you to transition to digital documents gradually and cost-effectively.

Direct & secure pick up & drop off

Our own logistics team will collect your documents at a time and location that’s convenient for you, ensuring that they are transported safely and securely to our document scanning facility.

Designed for small businesses

Our scanning services will optimize efficiency and accessibility, making them an ideal solution for small businesses seeking to go digital and enhance productivity without the need for committing to bulk scanning costs.

security & confidentiality guaranteed

Our high-speed document scanners located at our highly-secured facility adopt shredding technology which ensures that all documents are clear, like-for-like as per the originals, digitally indexed & enhanced, and that all pages have been accurately and securely scanned.


Our scan-by-the-box services start from RM299 per box, with additional bolt-on services available*:

  • Index of additional field
  • Data on Crown USB Drive
  • Security seals
  • Additional scanned images
  • Other sizes/file formats

* Please contact us for a quote

Yes, you can use any A4-size box provided they are of a similar size to our document storage box: (406 (L) x 318 (W) x 330 (H) mm). Alternatively, you can purchase an A4-size standard storage carton box from our site.

Our scan-by-the-box services are specifically for A4-sized documents. However, our Records Management Facility is fully equipped to handle documents of all sizes, please contact our scanning team today to discuss your requirements on +60 3 5636 9166 or email us at

Yes, Crown can create multi-page files ranging from one page to thousands of pages.

Simply fill your box with the documents for scanning and Crown Records Management will handle the rest. Before scanning our document prep team will prepare your paperwork to ensure high-quality scans. Our process includes:

  • Removing paper clips, staples and other binding materials
  • Checking all the paperwork edges are unfolded and separated
  • Checking for any paperwork tears or damage
  • Aligning paperwork

Yes, with decades of experience in information management Crown Records Management is fully equipped to handle confidential documents. Upon collection boxes can be sealed until they reach our secure facilities and are fully tracked via GPS while in transit. After scanning there are a number of options for your physical documents to be securely returned to you, or compliantly destroyed.

Your documents are scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to process the files and pull out required information, or ‘index fields’. Index fields are key fields used to categorize and organize your documents making them fully text-searchable and easy to navigate.

After your documents have been scanned, you can choose from three simple options for your physical documents:

  1. Scan and Return – your documents will be returned safely to you
  2. Scan and Shred – your documents will be securely destroyed in-house
  3. Scan and Store – your documents can be stored on an annual basis in our on-site facilities
  • 1-5 boxes – 3 business days
  • 5-10 boxes – 6 business days
  • 11-20 boxes – 10 business days
  • 21+ boxes – upon estimate*

*Please contact us for more information

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