Terms and Conditions - Scanning by the box

  1. Definitions

Unless inconsistent with the context of the term the following words shall have the following meanings:

1.1 Crown
Crown Worldwide Group Sdn Bhd.
1.2 The Customer
The contracting party whose name appears in this Agreement.
1.3 Service
The service(s) to be provided under this Agreement as specified in the Service Schedule.
1.4 Service Schedule
The quotation or schedule attached to this document listing the Services offered and the prices for the delivery of such Services.
1.5 Article
Any items documents or materials furnished to Crown for scanning or stored by the Customer with Crown including but not limited to any document, paper records, files, packets, media item (computer diskettes, CD ROMs, DVDs, video tapes, microfiche, microfilm), and any crate, container, packaging materials or any other unit of the Customer that Crown agrees in writing to accept under the Agreement.
1.6 Authorised Officer
The representative of the Customer who is duly authorised to sanction the use of any of the Services on behalf of the customer under the terms herein.
1.7 Confidential Information
The information within the Articles, but exclude information which:
(i) is in the public domain as at the date of this Agreement, or at a later date comes into the public domain, where such Confidential Information has come into the public domain other than as a result of any breach of this Agreement;
(ii) is known to Crown before the date it is disclosed by the Customer or is lawfully obtained by Crown after that date, other than from a source which is connected with the Customer and which, in either case, has not been obtained in violation of, and is not otherwise subject to, any obligation of confidentiality to the Customer; or
(iii) Crown can show such Confidential Information was independently developed by it otherwise than in connection with this Agreement, without the aid of any personnel who have or have had access to the Customer's Confidential Information.
Any bar-coded unit of either Crown’s standard sized cartons, plan boxes, files, security documents, security envelopes or such container or packaging material provided to or by the Customer, which contains all or any of part of the records
1.7 Container Charges
The fees levied by Crown to the Customer for the provision of Services as set out in the Service Schedule.
1.8 Public Holiday
A day on which the office of Crown is officially closed for business
1.10 Commencement Date
The date on which this Agreement starts as stated in the Service Schedule.
1.11 Initial Term
The initial period stated in the Service Schedule for which the contract shall remain in force.
  1. Contract
    • All quotations given and all contracts made by Crown are subject to the terms and conditions contained herein and all terms and conditions referred to by the Customer or contained in any order acceptance of quotation or otherwise brought to the notice of Crown are hereby excluded.
    • Quotations issued by Crown are not offers capable of acceptance so as to make a binding contract. All orders placed with Crown require its acceptance before any contract arises.
    • No servant or agent of Crown has any authority to make any representation or give any warranty or to agree to any variation of or addition to these terms and conditions unless such representation warranty variation or addition is expressed in writing and signed on behalf of Crown by a director or other person duly authorised by Crown.
  1. Charges
    • Charges will be applied in line with the Service Schedule. Minimum per invoice charge is RM150 per month unless otherwise stated. However, should additional services be provided by Crown which fall outside the scope of the Service Schedule then additional Charges shall be payable by the Customer for the additional work.


    • All prices are exclusive of any applicable local taxes.